Preserving the memory of your loved ones


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Red Hills Monuments is a family owned monument company, serving North Florida and South Georgia, dedicated to providing personalized service from beginning to end.  We provide excellent craftsmanship with top quality granite, in order to preserve the memory of your loved ones for generations to come.Red Hills Monuments is built on the highest quality service in the industry and we would like the opportunity to earn your business.

Our services include:

Monuments to fit needs for all families

Engraving on site

Grave side services opening and closing graves

Grave Maintenance – cleaning and restoration



Our process for purchasing a monument is as follows:

First, Most cemeteries have rules and regulations concerning monument size, shape, and color.  Some will allow slabs and coping.  When you choose to allow Red Hills Monuments to earn your business, we will research the cemetery regulations where your loved one(s) is laid to rest.


Second, We will meet with members of the family in order to design a monument to your desires and specifications.  At this point in the process, we will choose the size, color, and style of the monument.  Also during this meeting, we will choose the lettering options, the design carving options, and any personalized additional options.


Third, Red Hills Monuments will order the monument to agree upon specifications.  We will install the monument and other products usually within 45 to 60 days of signed purchase agreement.




Red Hills Monuments offers a yearly maintenance agreement that involves general cleaning of grave and monument, for up to two graves and one monument per contract.  This will include washing and cleaning of the monument, base and slabs.  I will meet the family member at the grave site to discuss what is included in the maintenance agreement and what is to be expected.  Also, included in this service, Red Hills Monuments will place a flower arrangement, at the grave site, at two specified dates chosen by the family (usually Christmas, birthday, or wedding date).


The monument to your loved one was built to last for generations, but without regular maintenance, grave sites and monuments can become dirty and covered with mold.  Red hills monuments will take care of your grave site.  Included in our service is detailed trimming and edging, seeding and fertilizing, regular cleaning and restoration of the monument.  We will provide two beautiful flower arrangements placed graveside each year.  We realize it can be hard work keeping your loved one’s grave site clean and beautiful, so leave the work to us.  Call or email now for a quote on our monument maintenance package.